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DAVANTI Restaurant Group is first and foremost a family before it is a restaurant group. Specializing in restaurant consulting and culinary arts training, our skilled team will get your restaurant or Bar going in the right direction! With over 20 years experience, we believe that mixing the essential ingredients to any successful restaurant enterprise: service, style, cuisine and a little fun along the way will ultimately end in a successful concept!

By focusing on quality, We aim to inspire and enrich the lives of those who choose to dine with us, our valued and loyal staff and the communities in which we work. We believe the greatest factor in the success of our business is the quality of our people. We work hard in ever consulting operation to sustain our culture of excellence delivered with caring hospitality, which is consistently enriched by our many outstanding employees and very talented Chefs!

Join Chef Jag for a one of a kind gourmet cooking experience! Whether a personalized catering event, personal Chef, Private cooking lesson, restaurant consulting, cooking show or cooking class- Davanti restaurant group has what you need!

Try a live cooking demonstration or Craft beer and wine paring as Chef Jag and his team prepare you're menu course selections from start to finish! Enjoy hand crafted cocktails, desserts, and world class cuisine as it was meant to be enjoyed amongst friends and family!

Contact us via the message tab or at (813) 319-3634 to schedule 

your personalized event today!



Chef Tim TAPS

Chef Chris JADE

C E R T I F I E D    C U L I N A R Y    P R O F E S S I O N A L S  

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